Co sbalit "na koně"- info z agentury


Limity a doporučení, co sbalit

  • Spacák a karimatka budou sbalené mimo osobní věci.
  • - povezou je s ostatním táborovým vybavením (a patrně se tedy do váhového limitu nepočítají)
  • - spacák doporučují do -18 stupňů Celsia (ideálně do -35 stupňů Celsia)
  • Váhový limit je 20 lb= 9 kg na sportovní tašku s osobními věcmi.
  • Sportovní taškou myslí tašku válcovitého tvaru, pro inspiraci viz duffel bag, kterou ponese kůň a nebude možné do ní během cesty sahat.
  • Vybavení doporučené od agentury:
    - turistické boty (tenisky pro pěší turistiku do místa pozorování)
    - voděodolné nebo jezdecké boty
    - 2 košile s douhým rukávem
    - 1 svetr
    - větruodolná bunda
    - jezdecké kalhoty=rifle
    - 1 kalhoty na převlečení
    - 3 páry ponožek
    - spodní prádlo
    - teplé spodní funkční prádlo
    - klobouk, čepice
    - rukavice
    - malý ručník
    - toaletní potřeby
    - čelovka
  • Do sedlových vaků (budou poskytnuty), které budou přivázány k zadní části sedla a budou přístupné během cesty patří:
    - fotoaparát (fotografické vybavení se nezahrnuje do váhového limitu)
    - klobouk s ochranou proti slunci
    - láhev s vodou 1/2-1 litr (láhev typu Nalgene)
    - repelent
    - tyčinka na rty s UV filtrem
    - polarizační brýle
    - nůž víceúčelový
    - pepřový sprej (doporučený, asi na ty medvědy)
  • Doporučené:
    - turistický balíček na pochoďák 21. srpna (to netuším, jak myslí)
    - něco na čtení, psaní
    - osobní dobroty
    - povlak, do kterého se nacpou věci a vznikne polštář
  • Někde u sedla bude:
    - jezdecká pláštěnka (každopádně v pokynech zdůrazňují, že NE pončo). - každý si poveze svůj oběd na sedle

Originální text z agentury:

2017 Solar Eclipse Pack Trip

Thanks for choosing to join us on a horse packing trip this summer on Whiskey Mountain to experience the Great American Solar Eclipse. Your pack trip will take you through part of Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, some of the most spectacular and wildest country left in the lower 48 states. We are knowledgeable about the area and will share with you the flora, fauna and history of this fascinating environment. Independent of civilization, your time spent in the mountains will be a wilderness adventure of a lifetime.


You will need to make your way to Dubois on the 18th August. You will spend the night of 18th August 2017 at Twin Pines Motel in Dubois. (

Check in time is 2pm. Dinner is not included this night. Breakfast on 19th August is included at the hotel.

Confirmation # 2053028.

You will need to make your way to Trail Lake Trailhead for a meeting time of 9am on 19th August 2017. We will ride the horses to our camp location on the 19th and set up/check gear on the 20th.

If you are flying into Jackson Hole Airport transfers to/from the airport can be arranged through Christian at Classic Cruise Control, 307-575-8602 for an additional cost. Rental cars are available at the airports in Jackson Hole also. I suggest booking these ASAP as the county is full and expecting massive amounts of people.

We will ride the horses back to the Trail Lake Trailhead on 22nd August 2017 and arrive around 3pm- 4pm. From there we will all go our separate ways.


New Glacier Trailhead (Trail Lake Trailhead)

1) East of Dubois. Drive approximately 3 miles south along Highway 26/287 to Whiskey Basin/Trail Lake Road, within a block of crossing a bridge over Jakey's Fork.
2) Turn right onto Whiskey Basin/Trail Lake Road, and then take an immediate left. This road turns into Forest Road #411.
3) Continue following the road (Forest Road #411) for 9.2 miles until its end at the Trail Lake Ranch parking area. The trailhead for Glacier Trail, Bomber Basin, and Whiskey Mountain originates at this location.

Please confirm your travel details with us and leave your cell phone number a couple weeks before you arrive in case we need to get a hold of you.


Our horses are a mixed bag of breeds- Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Percheron and Norweigen Fjord to name some. They are trained western and are seasoned mountain horses. Tack is western as is the riding style. Riders are asked to neck rein and stand up in the stirrups for steep climbs. We value our horses and ensure they will be gentle and willing partners.


The climate changes quickly and is unpredictable due to the high altitude (7,500 -11,000 ft). The mornings and evenings can be quite cool, 20-40 degrees, and the days warm, 60-80 degrees. Rainfall is about 12 inches per year and the humidity is very low. Whiskey Mountain can be particularly windy at times so warm wind proof gear is a must.


Bear Basin Adventures provide all meals (from lunch on the 19th August through lunch on the 22nd August), horse tack, camping supplies (tent and cooking equipment etc) and equipment except your sleeping bags, pads and personal gear.

Our camps are simple; consisting of a covered cooking and dining area, saddle tarp and light weight tents. This setup is very simple and functional, which creates less impact on the environment. You may even enjoy sleeping under the stars in the vast Wyoming wilderness.

Below is a packing list to help you pack the essential items. Each duffle bag should weigh less than 20 lbs of personal gear. Your sleeping bag and pad will be outside duffle. We minimize the amount you can bring to ease the pressure on our horses and to minimize impact on the environment. You can leave excess baggage at the motel. We will also provide you with a saddle bag for your horse. Your photography equipment is not included in the 20 lb limit.

We will plan on a variety of hearty campfire meals for the trip, but if there is something in particular that you have an allergy to please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate.

Please bring your own hard liquor (in plastic); limited wine is provided during dinner. No beer please as it is too bulky to pack.


Duffle/army style bags are required to pack your gear on the horses.

The following is a list of suggested items for you to wear, pack in your duffel or saddle bag for a four-day pack trip. We provide the saddlebag that goes on the horse.

There is a 20 pound limit for the duffel bag (which will be carried by a pack animal and not accessible until we arrive into camp) and includes your sleeping bag, but not your sleeping pad.

The saddlebags will be tied to the back of your saddle where you will have access to any item in it during the ride. We encourage you to bring unscented, biodegradable and environmentally friendly toiletry products.

Duffel Bag

  • Camp shoes/hiking shoes (sneakers for hiking to viewing area)
  • Waterproof and or riding boots
  • Lightweight WARM sleeping bag (at least a 0° F rating, -30 °F is best.)
  • Inflatable sleeping pad-full body length (Thermarest type or similar)
  • Two (2) long-sleeved shirts
  • One (1) heavy sweater and/or down vest
  • Wind proof warm jacket
  • Riding pants: jeans or breeches
  • One (1) change of pants
  • Three (3) pairs of socks/underwear
  • One (1) set of thermal underwear (not cotton)
  • Stocking cap/beanie
  • Gloves
  • Small Towel and toiletries
  • Head lamp


  • Chaps or half chaps
  • Day pack for hiking day on 21st August
  • Reading, writing or drawing materials
  • Personal flasks and goodies (No Breakable Bottles)
  • Pillowcase to make a pillow with your clothes

Saddle Bags

  • Camera
  • Hat with sun protecting brim
  • Nalgene (or similar) water bottle (1/2 - 1 liter in size)
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen/chap stick
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Jack knife or multi-use tool
  • Pepper Spray (optional but recommended)

Items lashed to your saddle

  • Rain Gear or long riding "Duster" (NO Ponchos)
  • Lunch will be tied to guest saddles in saddle bags

* Sleeping pad/Thermarest will be packed with the camp gear, not in you duffel.

* Please think about usefulness and lightweight when packing.

* Hard hats are not required but recommended.

** This checklist was designed for a four day pack trip.


Included in the cost of $1,990 per person for 19-22 August Solar Eclipse Pack Trip with Bear Basin Adventures:

  • Hotel on 18th August 2017 at Twin Pines Lodge which includes breakfast. (does not include dinner). Check in time 2pm.
  • Pack trip from 9am on 19th August to 4pm on 22nd August.
  • Included: Lunch and dinner on 19th. Breakfast, lunch, dinner on 20th. Breakfast, lunch, dinner on 21st. Breakfast and lunch on 22nd.
  • Guides and Cook plus all cooking gear
  • Pack animals for gear
  • Riding horses and tack for 3 guests (unless they want to hike which is fine. Just let us know asap)
  • 2 tents to be shared between the 3 guests

Probably more important is what's NOT included.

  • Guests need to get themselves to the Twin Pines Lodge for check in on the 18th August. They also need to get themselves to/from the trailhead on the 19th August and 22nd August. If they have their own vehicle there is no problem. They can park it at the trailhead. I am not sure of their plans after 4pm on the 22nd August. If they plan on staying in Dubois I would suggest booking a room ASAP (your own cost).
  • Guests provide their own sleeping bag and pad to sleep on as well as personal gear/clothing. See packing list above. (the 20 lb limit applies to personal gear).


If accommodations are needed we suggest the following:

In Jackson:

Antler Motel (800) 522-2406

Dubois Motels:

Twin Pines Lodge (888) 550-6332

Travel Insurance:

We highly recommend travel and trip cancellation insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances. Travelex is just one option. Call 888-457-4602 or any other major insurance company.

Clothing/camp supplies:

Wind River Gear in Dubois is a wonderful outdoor shop. They are open 7 days a week during the summer and have all your pack trip needs such as a sleeping bag or Nalgene water bottle. Give them a call on 307 455 3468 before you arrive to see how they can help you and mention Bear Basin Adventures. They also have a Facebook Page.

We look forward to our Solar Eclipse Pack Trip together. Please feel free to call us on 307 349 4630 or email with any questions.

Sarah and Heath Woltman